Remote Service

Lightning House

Its Friday mid-afternoon, you have a dozen guests coming to your home to celebrate a very special occasion, you're struggling to get out of your office as early as possible and your home system is down. Apparently a brown-out passed through your neighborhood less than an hour ago and the brief interruption to power sent a couple of very complex components into a tailspin.

Through the use of an intelligent remote technical support system and an alert service team member, the notification of error has been received by Maverick Integration and trouble shooting has begun. Within minutes the problem has been diagnosed and the fix has been implemented. Your system and your home is back in proper working order. And you never knew there was a problem.

Is it always that simple? No.

On occasion, electronic devices break and need an in-home visit to resolve the situation. But a majority of fixes are simple and can be conducted remotely. That's the service you're looking for.

Now, if you could just get out of the office!