A Clicker and a Display

TV Clicker from Side

Real estate.

And by real estate, we mean the precious square footage in your home. Dedicating floor, shelf or millwork space to speakers, cabinets, racks and electronics is not the only way to go.

Designed from the ground up, CinemaFrame from Millson is a single yet comprehensive integrated system that stows away inside of a wall behind your 46" to 70" television monitor.

CinemaFrame offers the home owner a completely concealed concept that can include any or all of the following: Main Speakers, Center Speaker, Dual Drive Subwoofer, Power Distribution, 12 Channels of Amplification, AV Preamp, Multi-channel Processor, AV Source Equipment, Automation Processor and ALL of your Interconnect and Speaker Cables.

CinemaFrame represents the best expression of Maverick Integration's "TV and a clicker" solution to date. See CinemaFrame in our Nashua NH Showroom North today.