New Products

Jung and Siedle

Building communications specialist Siedle and building system technology specialist Jung have decided to join forces. Beginning in March, the two specialist suppliers will complement each other to produce a line of products exceptionally suited to our clients. The two specialist suppliers will now provide the entire communications installation from switch systems through matching indoor stations and building automation based on KNX. As expected, the product line up will be the very best available coming from premium suppliers who always employ the most stringent demands on quality, design and innovation.

From the outset, the two manufacturers wasted no time in putting their technologies in harmony as Jung completely revising its indoor station switch design in line with Siedle technology and Siedle’s development work will assure full compatibility of the Jung In-Home bus system. When it comes to the entrance area, Jung will soon rely entirely on the comprehensive Siedle range while Siedle will link into Jung’s KNX building technology.

All the products for door communication are available immediately.

Jung Door Station
B&W 805 D3 Speakers

If you’ve spoken with a Maverick Integration System Designer of late, you were probably told we use some of the finest speakers in the world for our systems. Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophiliac at CNET agrees:

“I reviewed the Bowers & Wilkins 805 D3 speakers earlier this year, and now that I've spent more time with them, my appreciation has only deepened. The sound is rich, complex and loaded with palpable texture. That extra texture supplies a sense of realism that I just don't get from lesser speakers. This speaker regularly delivers transcendent moments where you feel like you're breathing the same air as the musicians on the recording.”

“With the best recordings, the 805 D3s projected a remarkably three-dimensional soundstage, and when music sounds that real you feel like you can almost touch it. When every note stands on its own, you're more aware of how the music is being played, the way the singer inhabits a tune, and the meaning of the words. If the keyboard player hits some notes harder than others for emphasis, you hear that more clearly, and when the rhythm section locks together you feel the rhythms more. Which is the way I hear live music, and the 805 D3 takes me closer to that sound than most speakers its size or price.”

“They're keeping me up late at night, pulling out old records into the wee small hours. They're that good, and coming from a guy who's heard more than my fair share of the world's best speakers, that's high praise indeed.”

Well spoken, sir. Well spoken.

B&W 805 D3
Domotz Pro

Domotz Pro is the network monitoring and remote tech support system Maverick Integration uses to provide you with best possible remote service ever. In the interest of providing you with the fastest, most comprehensive and cost effective support, the Domotz Pro is a tool that allows us to troubleshoot IT and network issues from our technical offices in Nashua NH. So many of the network appliances and control systems in your home can be quickly supported (often before you even know there is an issue) without ever having to roll a technical team onto the road. 

Domotz Logo

Real estate.

And by real estate, we mean the precious square footage in your home. Dedicating floor, shelf or millwork space to speakers, cabinets, racks and electronics is not the only way to go. Designed from the ground up, CinemaFrame from Millson is a single yet comprehensive integrated system that stows away inside of a wall behind your 46" to 70" television monitor. 

CinemaFrame offers the home owner a completely concealed concept that can include and or all of the following: Main Speakers, Center Speaker, Dual Drive Subwoofer, Power Distribution, 12 Channels of Amplification, AV Preamp, Multi-channel Processor, AV Source Equipment, Automation Processor and ALL of your Interconnect and Speaker Cables.

CinemaFrame represents the best expression of Maverick Integration's "TV and a clicker" solution to date. See CinemaFrame in our Nashua NH Showroom North today.

CinemaFrame Room
Kaleidescape Store

Kaleidescape announces the debut of the world’s first internet delivery of 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD quality movies. With over 11,000 movies and 2,000 TV seasons licensed from major motion picture studios, the Kaleidescape Movie Store offers the best online selection of movies and TV shows available to you in your home. Many new releases are available for download weeks before you can purchase them on disc.

The Kaleidescape Store is fully integrated with UltraViolet, the home entertainment industry standard for movies in the cloud. Once a movie is purchased through the Kaleidescape Store, that title can be automatically added to the customer’s UltraViolet account, and then viewed through any participating UltraViolet retailer service, including Flixster. 



KAL Store
Future Automation Lift & Swivel

The Future Automation PLS TV Lift and Swivel mechanism is the market leading product of its kind and is available in a host of size options. Using the unique drop and roll flap mechanism, the PLS TV Lift and Swivel offers unrivalled aesthetics and allows for not only vertical lift but also full bi-directional swivel. This functionality allows a TV screen to be viewed in multiple positions in the most discrete manner.

Future Automation has manufactured exceptional television lifts and mounts for the Residential, Marine, Commercial, Hospitality and Outdoor applications since 1998, and are a customer first business that prides itself on its creativity, passion and excellence.

Future Automation Lift & Swivel
Seura Storm

Television outdoors? Seriously? It's almost freezing out there...

Seura, an American TV company (you read that correctly) from Green Bay Wisconsin, is proud to release the Storm! Waterproof television for the outdoor kitchen, pation, garden or pool side available in three sizes from 42" to 55". Able to withstand temperatures from one hundred forty degrees above zero to thirty degrees below. And the picture quality, aided by a combination of carefully crafted anti-reflective glass screens and high- brightness panels is simply alive with color and clarity. Pool parties, barbeque, keeping an eye on the game while you ride the mower- the possibilities are endless and- well, electrifying! Storm from Seura!


New Products - Seura Storm
Wisdom Audio Sage Series

Once upon a time, the loudspeaker discussion was about imaging. It was about detail and presence; the quest for infinitely accurate reproduction of live music and the search for the sonic Grail. Today, the discussion is about form and function. Where will it go? How will it look? Can we make it fit? Will it be invisible? 

Is there a way in which to have both conversations together?

Introducing the Wisdom Audio Sages Series, an architectural solution for those customers that demand the highest level of sonic refinement and performance available in a speaker. Winner of seven Industry Awards, the Sage Series will take you back to a more musical time without taking command of your media room along with it.

Wisdom Audio P2
Meridian Sooloos

Meridian Sooloos streaming solutions embody everything you value about music, instantly accessed via the world’s most advanced touchscreen interface. Your collection becomes easy to manage, with intuitive simplicity and exceptional speed. It’s designed with a deep understanding of music, and delivers an experience that reflects the unique value your music library holds for you. From any room in your home; on portable devices, computers, or even via the web across the world; your Meridian system lets you access, browse and play your library at any time.

Meridian Sooloos now offers the ground-breaking MQA – Master Quality Authenticated – delivering the authentic sound of the original studio masters, guaranteed. MQA brings you closer to the original performance than ever before, via MQA downloads and streams.

All of which is why Absolute Sound declared, “Sooloos’s ability to instantly sort through your library and present to you exactly the music you might want to hear at any particular moment borders on the magical…”

Meridian Sooloos Menu
IMAX Private Theater

Maverick Integration is extremely happy to have been chosen by IMAX to be their exclusive New England representative for the new IMAX Private Theater! IMAX and Maverick Integration are offering a select few the opportunity to be among the first to own the world's most immersive and luxurious entertainment experience. Custom designed to IMAX specification and engineered to perfection by Maverick Integration, this exclusive offer is truly one of a kind- multi-sensory, immersive and visceral!

With breathtaking 2D and 3D images, flawless sound and special theater design to create a more immersive effect, everything about the IMAX Private Theater is state of the art and custom-designed to deliver the ultimate in-home entertainment experience.

Is the IMAX Private Theater for everyone? Absolutely not but it might just be perfect for you!

Datasat RS20i

With sleek, elegant looks designed by Neal Feay Company, an award-winning designer of consumer electronics, the Datasat RS20i makes an attractive component of any luxury home entertainment system. Designed by the Datasat engineering team, the circuitry design and audio quality is second to none. Including such features such as memory profile settings, stackable multiple EQs, room optimization/correction and extensive automation controls (not previously seen in high end audio processors) the RS20i is a cut above the competition.

Datasat RS20i
PRIMA Cinema

Prepare yourself for a Premier Motion Picture Experience so very exclusive, you’ll need to swipe your finger across a biometric security reader just to gain admittance!

Introducing PRIMA Cinema, the motion picture experience that brings the most exclusive Hollywood Premiers right to your home theater. Imagine watching the newest studio release on the SAME NIGHT that all the Hollywood hob-nobs dress in gowns and tuxes and venture out amongst the papparazzi just to see it! This is your ticket to host your very own red carpet premiere party in the comfort, privacy and security of your own home. The BMW DesignworksUSA crafted PRIMA Cinema digital theater player is your functional work of art that allows passageway to the finest motion picture service you will ever experience. Contact Maverick Integration for more details.

PRIMA Cinema
James Small Aperature Series

From the Form VS Function discussion in the loudspeaker category:

While they will vary, speakers installed in-ceiling or in-wall (B&W) sound anywhere from good to excellent. But they are far from invisible. And for some, even painting or papering the speaker grille isn't enough concealment. The "invisible speakers" are just that. 100% cannot-see-it-but-you-can-sure-hear-it invisible and they sound terrific for what they are but they are not going to sound as good as a traditional in-ceiling design.

James Small Aperture series is the happy medium between the two levels of performance and two methods of presentation. The performance is remarkable and they are almost invisible. Their three and four inch footprints ingeniously mimic your light fixtures and still provide big musical performance.

Have the Form VS Function discussion with a Maverick Design Consultant today.


James SA Series
Access Networks

Today’s modern homes have become increasingly interconnected with the internet and we expect yours is no different. In fact, we believe the IT infrastructure of your home is the digital foundation of your contemporary world. Just like your home’s physical foundation, the digital foundation of your home must be robust and strong enough to support the many devices which will depend on it. Unfortunately, the over-the-counter networking appliances many consumers have relied on in the past simply cannot meet the needs of the automated residence. Video Gaming, Video Conferencing, Home Office, and Home Automation Systems are now a regular part of our everyday lives and each of these systems require access to the internet to function properly.

Over the past eight years, as this interdependency developed, Access Networks has worked directly with a network of Custom Integration companies like Maverick Integration to deliver the advanced, enterprise grade and award winning Access Unity Network to automated residences around the country. The Access Unity Network has been developed over hundreds of hours to meet the needs of both your home’s automation system and your personal use of your home's networking infrastructure. With years of successful deployments and key partnerships with major CE manufacturers, Access Networks offers you a robust solution for your home’s Digital Foundation.