Osterville Summer

Every summer home should overlook the Atlantic. And even with the Atlantic as your oceanscape, there are times you'll need to put it to rest in order to enjoy your media room. Maverick can provide you with the finest window treatments from Hartmann&Forbes and lighting control solutions from Lutron. Shades, romans, blinds, lighting control; it's all yours. The Atlantic you'll need to share.


(Photos by Sam Gray)

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Screening Room

Some families head to the Cinemaplex on a Friday night and that's always great fun. Others stay home. This client wanted to avoid the high cost of popcorn. Enjoy. We know they do.


(Photos by Charles River Design Builders)


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Tisbury Charm

So much of what we do doesn't show up in photographs. Invisible speakers in ceilings. Wireless music systems. Lighting control and wonderful window treatments. Televisions that go away when not in use. With that in mind, here are a few lovely photos of things unseen. Let us know if you'd like to not see some things in your beautiful home.


(Photos by the Terrific Sam Gray)

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Theater Grande

Welcome! Step up to the Bar. A beverage is yours for the asking. And while you're here, thumb through the Kaleidescape Movie database and pick your favorite Blu-ray movie. Thousands to choose from. The lovely ticket taker with a determined look upon her face awaits. Drop two bits onto the counter and head inside. There isn't a bad seat in the house but you seem to be the adventerous type. For you, why not a lively D-Box seat for an extra dimension? You see, D-Box cinema seats allows you to- oh wait.

The lights are dimming. Shhhh. The show is about to start. We'll talk later.


(Photos by Paul Graham)

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Contemporary Renovation

Several decades ago, it was built as a Modern home, but the current technologically-inclined homeowner signed up for a Contemporary renovation. Our job? To reach back 35 years and pull the lifeline of the home into the present and prepare it for the future. Central music and video distribution. Lighting control and varied motorized window treatments. A traditionalist perspective on floorstanders, the client opted for delicious music in a brilliantly reconceived residence. We were honored to participate in the clients plan for the future.


(Interior photos by Sam Gray. Again!)

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Nevisian Escape

Back in 1756, one Dr. Thomas Stewart strolled across his sugar plantation along the gentle and scenic coastline of the Island of Nevis. He surveyed the fields, watching the Nevisian workers as they toiled in the sun. Reaching down to his feet, he plucked a branch from the molten soil and tossed it high and long for his sheep dog, Archibald. Life was good.

Fast forward a quarter of a Millennium. Today the soil of Nevis BVI is no longer used for the production of sugar and about the only thing flying through the air are Titleist golf balls over the fairways of the Robert Trent Jones II tracks. But the view has remained unchanged and it was this view that seduced one of our clients into building his dream home on what is now known as Stewarts Estate. We of course were honored that he would choose to fly us 2000 miles to design, install and program his residential systems. 

A quarter of a Millennium has passed but on Stewarts Estate, life is still good. Maybe even better.


(Photos by Maverick Integration)

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