Bang & Olufsen

Music systems! Wow! Change much?

In a galaxy far far away there lives a record player with a removable stylus, a receiver with a big Loudness button, an auto-reverse cassette recorder and a pair of three-way floor standing loudspeakers. And don’t forget speaker wires the size of a fire hose! No respectable music lover in this galaxy would be caught without them.

Today’s music system is more like this:

Stereo VS multi-channel, single room VS whole house, iTUNES, Deezer, Pandora, Spotify, Tidal or the new streaming service that’s coming out tomorrow.

It’s speakers by way of form and/or function meaning in-ceiling, in-wall, in-cabinet, in millwork, invisble or in plain sight. While they all sound great, the more intrusive into your environment, the better they probably sound.

And how about control of the system? iPHONE or Android APP’s, iPAD’s and tablets, wireless hand held devices of varying sorts, in-wall touchscreens and yes even voice commands.

Phew! By now you’re wishing you had an auto-reverse tape deck! We just know it.

Talk to us. We don’t make music. We make the music bend to your world. The possibilities are sounding great.