High Definition, Ultra High Definition, Super Ultra High Definition, Nose Bleed Definition- chances are you just wanted a terrific looking television. We can help.

If you want to learn about technology, we can hold a clinic but we’re pretty confident that’s not what it’s all about for you, your home, your office or your family.

So let’s stick with high performance as square one and discuss what’s really important. Where is your television going? Indoors? Outdoors? Media room? Theater? Formal room? Boat?

It looks great when it’s turned on but how about when it’s turned off. We can move it, cover it or make it disappear. How will it be presented? On wall? In millwork? On a motorized bracket that presents it to the viewer and puts it away when the viewer is done?

Sources? The Cable Co. still dominates most American homes but the competition is stiff. Satellite? Streaming? Prima Cinema? Kaleidescape Store? Apple TV? Roku? Netflix? Amazon? Once we’ve established your performance level and presentation methodology, let us help you get the content you really want.

We’ve got all the options without the clinic. Let’s explore together.