Home Theater

Today the terms “Media Room” and “Home Theater” are often used in an interchangeable manner that can lead to a lack of clarity. The short version is that a Home Theater is a room dedicated to the watching of big screen video information while a Media Room is a room that provides a full-featured media experience while also serving other functions for the family (i.e., living room, playroom, etc.)

If your intention is to dedicate space to a screening room, we’ve got you covered. The science of projection television and multi-channel audio is vast. Trust Maverick to boil it all down to something you can both understand and thoroughly enjoy.

After that, let us work with your builder, architect and designer to take care of the science and the art. Once completed, we’ll provide you with the highest resolution sources available and a control methodology that won’t leave you in the dark. Until the lights go down.

If it’s time for Showtime in your home, call Maverick Integration.