Lighting Control

House-wide Lighting Control

Conceptual Continuity

Lighting will enhance the architecture, décor, and security in your entire home, inside or out. Providing an elegant solution to your favorite living areas, lighting control will light your home with the touch of a single button or elegantly respond to timed events. Today homes are being designed with more lighting options than ever before. It is very common today to see a set of recessed lights, pendants, task lights, under counter lights and even millwork accent lights- and all of this in just the Kitchen. So what does lighting control have to do with this? Understanding the application of light is where the foundations of great design begin. Maverick Integration will work with your Lighting Designer to bring your vision of light to fruition.

Task Lighting: Whether in the Kitchen, the Bath or the Home Office, Task lighting enhances the functionality of the environment. Properly conceived and controlled, Task lighting will also help prevent the everyday element of eye strain. 

Accent Lighting: By design, there will be décor elements in your home that you will want to draw attention to. Sculpture, paintings, family heirlooms; all come to life under the added illumination of Accent lighting.

Vertical Wash Lighting: Best friend to the architecture of space, Vertical Wash lighting is best used to add visibility to open space. Proper use of Vertical Wash lighting is an essential tool in your lighting repertoire.

Cove and Perimeter Lighting: Elegantly emphasizing vaulted ceilings, cove lighting adds a wonderfully dramatic essence to the home. Popular in homes of all sizes, Cove and Perimeter lighting will add the element of drama to your open spaces.