iPhone GUI Sonos

Since Maverick Integration was founded in 2003 by Dennis Jaques, Home Automation has evolved significantly. Most of the residential systems available to you are controllable with some form of automation. Some of the more common control mechanisms are for your music, video, wireless network, lighting, window treatments, HVAC and security cameras but there are also devices to control more obscure devices like your garage door opener, snow melt systems, pool control or your wine cellar.

Not too long ago, controlling all of these devices would have required an “umbrella network” operated by a large wall mounted or table top touch screen. Indeed the touch screen approach is still the preferred central control device for many households but today we also have individual control methods commonly referred to as “apps”. Control applications can be downloaded or created from scratch. Programming them runs the gambit from do-it-yourself to needing an engineer. They can be accessed from a touch screen, a PC, a tablet or a smart phone. 

When you spend time with a designer from Maverick Integration, you are sitting with someone whose expertise has been honed in translating it all from what’s available to what works for you. Whether your consideration is ease of use, remote access or the aesthetics of wall mounted devices, we’re here to guide you. Our graphic user interface designs have won awards. Spend some time with a Maverick designer today.