Services - Telecom

The perfect telephone is invisible until it rings. And it only rings when there’s good news from a good friend or the publisher’s clearing house. Unfortunately, the perfect phone doesn’t yet exist; therefore we have chosen the next best alternative.

Incorporating information technology into the modern home is now an accepted standard procedure. Teleconferencing and video conferencing are popular choices and Telephone systems offer flexibility around the home such as door intercom or multi-voicemail users.

Our Hybrid System telephones can provide a simple way of communicating with the front door, another location in your home or any where in the world. We often provide a phone system to page or intercom different areas of your home where system phones are located. Even with multiple telephone lines our phone system can distribute the phone lines as you desire for home or work.

Our Digital Hybrid System telephones are similar to the Analog Systems except a Digital phone system provides the next step into the future with Voice over IP technology and reliability not found in today’s analog based phone systems.