Enterprise Quality Wireless Networks

The finest wireless network is like a football referee; if it’s doing its job well, you never even think about it.

Our objective with your networking needs is simple- to keep you connected. Maverick Integration can provide you with enterprise-grade networking solutions that assure a constant and consistent handshake between the manufacturers of a myriad of technical devices and you the business or homeowner. The hardware choices we have made available to our clients will provide effective and stable VLANs, VPN access and seamless wireless coverage both in and around your home. Our system designs focus on long term solutions seldom found in this internet-of-things world. Let issues such as wireless radio strength, channel changes and roaming be our concern. As technology evolves, we will continue to create, install and maintain as sophisticated a network as your needs require.

Discuss your networking needs with a Maverick Integration System Designer today.