Security Cameras

Outside Cam

An IP (Internet Protocol) camera is a digital surveillance tool capable of being used in residential or commercial applications for simple viewing purposes. Unlike its analog cousin, an IP camera can readily send and receive information by way of a network and the internet. They can be used for immediate viewing, for recording of information for viewing at a later date or for viewing from a remote location. Network home cameras are the preferred choice among conscientious homeowners and business owners alike, and help provide immediate convenience and solid communication.

What you choose for IP Cameras and Network Video Recorders (NVR’s) depends entirely on your needs. The most frequent considerations are viewing distances, color cameras VS. black and white, cameras either hidden or openly displayed, day VS nighttime viewing, remote viewing and how much viewed information you’ll need to save in the form of digital recordings.

Cameras mounted at exit and entrance points can be used to see persons knocking on your door or to record anyone who comes in and out of your home. Offices, playrooms, family rooms, basement and service areas can be monitored. To monitor day-to-day activity around your home or office, cameras perform best when installed under the eaves of your roof or on rooflines. More creative locations (like the bird house above) can be determined by your system designer.

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