Intercom Shower

In the beginning, there was the door. Man installed the door, stepped back and stared. The door was a marvel but as remarkable as it was, it was incomplete. Therefore, Man invented the door knocker. Pretty nifty.

Around 1831, a gentleman from Albany NY by the name of Joseph Henry decided he could do better and invented an electromagnetic bell that could be run by wire back to the door thereby alerting one that a person was on the other side of that door with a desire to sell encyclopedias. Talk about civilized.

Fast forward.

Master Station. Base Station. Door Stations. Handsets. Gate Control. Remote Video. Inter-residence Communication. Access control. Smart phone apps. Key Chain Fobs. The kids playing in the basement playroom at dinner time. The applications abound.

There is a world of interpersonal communication in every intercom system design by Maverick Integration. If you’d like to learn how to use today’s technology to your best advantage, come knock on our door.