Celluloid Small

Nearly a century ago, the images people viewed on their black and white television sets were often grainy and ghostly due to obstructions to the broadcast signal such as buildings, mountains and great distances. In the year 1948, that all changed.

Depending upon your source, cable television was born in either Pennsylvania, Arkansas or Oregon. One thing is for certain and that is the creators of the community retransmission systems could never have foreseen the content evolution that would rise at the turn of the century. Today, over 100 million American households have cable television and “to Cable or not to Cable” isn’t the most difficult decision you’ll make. But it’s the hoard of other content providers pounding on cable’s door that you’ll want to explore.

Indeed, the modern conversation of “cutting the cord of cable TV’ is rampant because content is King! Simple solutions like Apple TV, Netflix, Roku, and Amazon. Luxurious solutions like Kaleidescape or Prima Cinema. Hundreds upon hundreds of on-line streaming venues- which will you choose? Televisions, home theaters, tablets, smart phones- once you’ve got it, where will you watch it? What devices will you need to access the content you desire?

Maverick can help you assess the needs of your home or office as regards content. We’ll simplify the process smoothly and efficiently so you can get on with simply watching it- on your TV, your phone, your tablet, your watch…