Camera Service

“Customer Service isn’t a department; it’s a result.” Dennis Jaques, President and Founder of Maverick Integration

Several years ago, when we began to fill the seats in our Support/Service Office, we were guided by that single premise. To that end, our Support/Service team is available to our clients from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, 365 days a year. Based on the intelligent (not to mention cost effective) balance between extensive remote support capabilities and a fleet of field technicians, the Support/Service team strives to keep your systems up and running continuously.

Support begins with your system design wherein remote IP monitoring devices can be deployed in your home or office that will track operation and performance, often detecting issues long before you ever know they exist. Discuss this with your System Designer from the outset. Nothing is more satisfying to us than satisfying you.

(To communicate with Support/Service by email, tab here. To communicate by phone, call 603-490-2951)